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Peeking out

Me thinking is it’s safe to come out yet…

God only knows when this pandemic will end…. Ever thought you’d be peeking behind your door or out of your window to see who was around and if it was safe to come out? I sure didn’t!! Like me, I’m sure you had a long fun calendar of events planned for 2020 before this Covid 19 pandemic. Like seriously has anyone tried to take the plug out of 2020 and plug it back in? When reality sits in at the end of the day after my 3rd or 4th breakdown, let’s be honest here, it’s a little terrifying. I live on a little tiny island of Kauai where we started off with a 9pm -5am curfew. Before we knew it we had and still have check points with police and the national guard asking about our wear a-bouts while traveling in our cars. Today I got a text from a friend saying that the DLNR will now be giving citations if your seen sunbathing on the beach or cruising under a tent. We can no longer sit on our beautiful beaches, However I am grateful that we can still go for a walk, run and take a dip in the ocean, which We’ve been taking advantage of. We are all in this pandemic together, if tourist can jusy stop flying into the islands because well if you didn’t know HAWAII IS ON VACATION and if Kauai can get it together, I believe we will be back on the beach enjoying the sunshine and can return to our normal lives. Until then you’ll find me here chatting away about western fashion and well just about anything I can think Of!!

If you feel like you are still having a rough time through this time I’d encourage you to pray out loud. After all God only knows what it is that we need and he always provides. Trust him during this time. Until next time! Xoxo JOJO

Featuring @Sundialshowclothing

How’s about this cute top from @sundialshowclothing
Skirt: @thepricklypineapple

If you see me with this steer head in my hands and your not wearing a mask I’ll promise I’ll smack you with it lol…
Me dancing when this is over like… I promise I’ll go to every party you invite me too!
It’s been a while since I opened a book. All quiet on the western front is actually not a bad one.
Yes I get all dressed up to read! These days I like my money where I can see it since I’m broke as joke lol… anyone else feeling me ??

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